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Updated: Jun 30, 2023

As a small conscious business or organization, it is more than about what products or services you offer. It is your way or style of expression, your modus, that ultimately reveals your positive intentions. And it's your meraki that attracts and enrolls customers and participants.


Meraki is to do a creative endeavor with soul, passion, & love. With any endeavor, it is this emotion that brings your intention into manifestation.

Allow your vision, your desire, your love for what you do and what you offer to flourish.

Think about it, a friend, a colleague, a person who offers a service that is in demand, a dynamic and growing conscious organization, something positive that went viral - soul and passion is behind them all. And that is why they are successful.

Some ways to make your meraki blossom

Imagine: Feel it, hear it, taste it, see it, know it. In your mind and body draw forth the sensations that go with your success. One by one, take each of these senses and experience as if it is already here. It already does exist, it is you who makes it 3D.

Affirm: Make simple statements that affirm of the reality of it.

Give Thanks: Journal and speak out gratitude for what you are bringing into reality and what you already have. Thankfulness for what we already have, no matter how meager, allows even more to come to us.

Imagine, affirm, give thanks.

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